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We are a physician owned and operated healthcare organization specialized in providing dialysis site development, facility management and clinical administration as well as related business development and growth activities.

Your reliable dialysis partner.

NOVO Dialysis was founded by a group of dialysis industry veterans – both clinicians and operators – with the vision of changing the existing corporate dialysis business paradigm. NOVO Dialysis is focused on forming collaborative relationships utilizing a true joint-venture partnership model. Working together with our physician and hospital partners, NOVO Dialysis leverages our extensive experience and expertise to build and grow dialysis treatment centers while simultaneously providing the highest quality of care.

NOVO strives to be a leader in innovative, sustainable dialysis care focusing on high quality standards and a superior patient experience.


Site Selection

Analyzing critical health care and real-estate market data to develop a Site Selection Strategy including scouting, identification and lease management of Dialysis Center locations

Facility Design

Collaboration with experienced architects with dialysis industry experience to design aesthetically pleasing, patient-centric and workflow efficient dialysis centers while taking into consideration regulatory guidance

Construction Oversight

Coordinating all the elements of construction ensuring adherence to fiscal and operational goals with an emphasis on proper safety precautions and the patient experience

Licensure & Certification

Obtaining, maintaining and managing all necessary and appropriate licenses, registrations, design drawings, certificate of need contingent and final approvals and any pre-opening surveys for dialysis center operators

Revenue Cycle Management

Providing and performing all billing and collections processes using our preferred EMR and billing software in order to track and monitor the delivery of patient care and proper level of reimbursement

Finance and Accounting

Performing all fiscal and operational reporting in order to provide the ownership group with an accurate, detailed view of the position of the dialysis center legal entity



Working with dialysis center facility owners and operators to manage the increasingly complex reimbursement models of commercial and government payors utilizing our long-standing relationships and network

Medicare Cost Reports

Preparation and submission of Medicare Cost Reports while staying current on regulations and maintaining close working relationships with CMS and MAC Intermediarie

Vendor Contracting

Working on behalf of the Dialysis Centers to obtain the highest quality products and services for use in direct patient care at the lowest possible cost utilizing our knowledge, skillsets, abilities and industry contacts

Facility Administration

Ensuring that our facilities and staff provide the highest quality care in comfortable, safe, well-equipped and properly staffed environments in order to meet the needs of the patients and communities where we serve

Corporate Compliance and Privacy Programs

Our certified compliance officers ensure that there is a proper code of conduct and compliance/privacy programs in place and that these “living” policies and procedures are upheld daily through education, training, open communication and where necessary, investigations and reporting

Regulatory Issues & Quality Improvement

Novo Dialysis understands that federal and state regulations play an important role in ensuring the highest quality of care for those receiving or about to receive dialysis care.  When new regulations are implemented, we provide our clinical staff and physician ownership groups with updates and easy to follow interpretations to help with assessing public policy trends and implement regulatory initiatives



We stay abreast of regulatory changes as they happen and strategically plan and act with regard to Value Based Payment (VBP) models and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) such as the ESCO (End Stage Renal Disease Seamless Care Organization)

Staff Recruitment

We work with the Dialysis Center department heads and team leaders to find, hire and retain the best qualified individuals in a timely and cost-effective manner

Human Resources

Our Human Resource team works with the leadership group and focuses on maximizing employee productivity via necessary and appropriate policies and procedures such as training and development and performance appraisals

Payroll Management

We ensure the proper recording and management of the payroll process and payments to employees, balancing and reconciling payroll data and accurately depositing and reporting payroll taxes all while taking care of wage deductions, recording keeping and verifying the reliability of payroll information

Benefit Administration

On behalf of our Dialysis Centers, we establish, maintain and manage all benefits for the employees of the organization including health insurance, paid time off, leave and where relevant, pension plans and retirement accounts

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